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Milton, WV

I just needed a place on the way to Tennessee to rest up a while so a  park in West Virginia seemed just right. The drive all the way down through the state to the bottom on I79 was remarkably easy even though it is solid mountains. The highway is laid out well without steep ups and downs. I arrived at Jim’s Campground with a choice of partial hookups with grass right down by the river or full hookups above on a gravel plateau. I checked out the cheaper river area first but quickly found there would be no hope of using my satellite dish down there. That was somewhat contradictory to the idea of resting to me and I discovered their weekly rates are very very affordable even for full hookups so I moved up to the plateau quickly. As a bonus, the plateau is closer to the wifi antenna so it gets better signal (not that it was bad down by the river). The plateau also has cement patios with tie downs built into them and some new picnic tables.

Grassy campingPlateau camping

It was so hot and muggy, I put out my awning, both for me and for my refrigerator. I had used some WD40 on the roller mechanism in DC so it came out much easier than usual. I may use it more often now! The tie downs were nice to use and a great idea in a gravel area like that. There’s no pool and I didn’t see anyone in the river.

I had a great view of Jim’s house which is on top of the automated car wash he bought. Jim’s a smart guy. He bought the old car wash with both self-serve and automated car washes. It came with a bunch of land. He has a beautiful white treehouse built on top of the one car wash. I love the hanging decks and screened porch which has a ceiling fan. He added in a small campground where he has a few permanent residents and lots of us others. He added wifi for the park. Then he added a storage facility where he rents lockers.

Jim's treehouse

As far as stuff to do around Milton, it is near the state capital, Charleston. The only thing I did was visit the local  glass factory. Blenko Glass has been in business for a very long time and for 14 years they were selected to make the CMA Country Music Awards.  Their glass items are stunning. They let you tour the factory to watch them blowing the glass. I happened to go on a day when they were celebrating West Virginia’s birthday with free cake and drinks. I get lucky sometimes. 😀

Glass pilesGlass FurnaceBlow jobCMA Award

While here, I picked up a pair of HD Sunglasses from Walmart. I love As Seen on TV gadgets and the idea of sunglasses that would fit comfortably over my prescription glasses was appealing. I have to say they are everything they said. No lies. They are very comfortable, don’t add the usual weight on my nose that hurts, protect my eyes from the side while not blocking my peripheral vision, and actually do make things appear sharper as advertised. I wore them all over and just love them. I can even wear them in a store without darkening my view while still providing good sun protection for my eyes outside.


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