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New Mexico State Park Pass

I don’t know what other states do but New Mexico has a really great camping pass, especially for seniors. It let’s you into day use areas free and you can boondock/primitive camp for free or pay another $4 per night for electric and water or $8 per night to include sewer hookup and it is good all year. It’s a huge savings for those of us who camp a lot. With one state park within 10 miles of me and another within 60 miles, I plan to camp as much as I can.

For NM residents the annual pass costs $180 as of this writing. For non-residents it is $225. Seniors 62+ and disabled residents pay $100. A day use only pass is just $40. They give you two stickers, one for your RV and one for your vehicle so you can both camp with your RV or just picnic and boat the lakes. Keep your receipt in a safe place in case you need to replace your sticker. I waited to put mine on my van window because I knew I would be replacing the glass.

There are a couple places that do not accept the pass. One is Living Desert Zoo in Carlsbad.

I have only seen two of their state parks so far but they are both terrific! I can’t wait for them to reopen post Covid so I can get a change of scenery while socially isolating.

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