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Bottomless Lakes State Park

I was supposed to camp at Bottomless Lakes but had a battery problem that prevented me from taking my van. Instead, I drove my truck up to the park outside Roswell, NM for a day trip to look at what I missed.

The sites here are not paved but are still pretty well spaced. One section of the camp area has utilities. As with Brantley Lake, this park is in the heart of the oilfields so you will find some campers are workers who stay for 14 days then bebop to another park. They are nice enough and gone a lot. The bathrooms are well maintained as is the group picnic shelter. There is a very nice swimming hole here with a stone building facing it. There are several ponds around the grounds with plenty of boondocking around them. They snuggle up against cliffs. This would be a great place for friends to camp together which we are hoping to do as a group some day.

Bottomless Lakes swim area Bottomless Lakes Bottomless Lakes

Bottomless Lakes primitive camping

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