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Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ

If you need a little history or the shopping of a big city after spending time in the Arizona-California southern desert, Yuma is a great place to go. It has all the big stores including Wal-Mart and Costco, all the fast food joints you could want, and the old Yuma Territorial Prison museum. There are also a lot of campgrounds around for snowbirds including an Escapees park and an RPI park. The drive down from Blythe or Quartzsite is very enjoyable and provides a good chance to check out more BLM land for boondocking. I saw plenty of boondockers still out there and checked several spots. Amazingly, Verizon phone and air card signals do reach out there in many places. Again, do be careful about setting your phone not to roam out there as it is very close to Mexico so you could lock on to the wrong tower and get a very nasty bill next month. There are also lots of Border Patrol in the area so be careful and don’t give anyone a ride you don’t know.

Down near Yuma is the Yuma Proving Grounds with a little outdoor museum of their own that is well worth a stop. They have numerous tanks, guns, rockets, etc. on display with good info next to each. You wouldn’t think there could be so many ways to design a tank but they each have their specific uses. I liked walking about them in the fresh air and sunshine as a nice change from dimly lit indoor museums.

TankAnother tankBig gun

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