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Cypress Gardens, FL

I waited 40 years to see Cypress Gardens. I saw their world famous ski show on TV as a kid. It may not seem as big a deal as Disney parks but it has it’s own charm and fun not to mention it is cheaper. It had closed down in 2003 but reopened after much petitioning of the state for help by neighbors, employees, and tourists.

The ski show is still wonderful as are the gardens and the Butterfly House. They have an ice show and top entertainers in concert as well. They have added some great rides like a double-decker carousel, water tube slides, a roller coaster where you hang from the track rather than ride in a car, and a water park with loads of fun. They have ferries for tours around the lake. One of only four in the world and the only one in America, is the observation deck which rises on an arm 150 feet in the air and spins for one heck of a view.

s7300123.JPG s7300133.JPG Pyramid on skis s7300141.JPG

s7300174.JPG s7300175.JPG Carousel

I spent an entire day there and would go again. More pics here.

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