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Fantasy of Flight and Arabian Nights, FL

Had one of those magic days. They are so rare indeed even for a traveler like myself but when they come they are cherished and the feeling when it is over is that you may never see another one like it. Hopefully you have all had some of those yourselves. It was a day like the one day I spent in Wisconsin Dells, WI where I squeezed in a ton of adventure and tourist spots in only 24 hours. When done, these days leave you blissfully tired and satisfied.

I started off with a visit to Camping World off I4 since it was on the way. I haven’t been near one in quite a while and I like to browse the latest innovations, etc. Picked up the latest Trailer Life Atlas and a plastic mixing bowl which collapses to easily store out of the way. Very cool to have in my small trailer. Already used it.

Next was actually an accident. As I hopped back on the I4 going east in Dover FL, off to the right I spotted an attraction/art which I had read about at RoadsideAmerica.com . There on the right next to the freeway were several old silver Airstream trailers buried diagonally like a fence with their butts way up in the air. I laughed like crazy when I realized what it was.

On to the Fantasy of Flight museum in Polk City, FL near Orlando. This is the most interactive museum I have ever been in and I highly recommend it. Just getting into the actual museum exhibits requires entering the back of a jump plane with the sound of the roaring engines and the jumpmaster at the door ready to tell you to “JUMP”! You “land” behind German lines with the German radio operators screaming into their microphones and German soldiers in the bunkers. See the balloonist ready to take off as 1900s crowds mill about and a video plays. Lean against a glass rail as clouds part before you as you fly unencumbered through the sky.

Out in the hangar, are not only the expected planes and cars, but also a motion simulator, cockpits you can sit in and play with the controls, a B-17 to walk through and man your position, a set of the deck of the USS Yorktown complete with flight simulators, a balloon flight simulator, a hanggliding simulator, and best of all a 1929 Stearman biplane you can catch a ride in. I splashed many a bogie that day in my corsair and F4U, scored well in my balloon control though my landings stink, careened low over the sand dunes and through the narrow canyons of the Iraq area in an F18, and I donned cap, scarf, and goggles to fly high over Florida in the open cockpit biplane. The flight was amazing! The engine roars like a lion in your ears. The smell of the engine invades your nose. Lakes glisten in the sun below with nothing but clouds and blue sky overhead. Another item is now checked off on my bucket list.

s7300337.JPG s7300345.JPG s7300370.JPG s7300348.JPG

s7300350.JPG s7300355.JPG s7300356.JPG

A good way to finish off a beautiful day is to go to the Arabian Nights dinner show just a few miles away in Kissimee FL. If you go to their website and get reservations at least 48 hours in advance, you can save a bunch of money and get a great deal on the VIP upgrade. VIP gets you a table in the first 3 rows, a free drink while waiting for the show, a tour of the stables, a poster, and autographs from the performers.

I had the steak which was cooked exactly the way I like it. Free beer and Pepsi with the meal was really flowing. The tables and benches are actually comfortable. The show was fantastic eye candy and lots of handclapping and foot stomping fun. Be prepared to sing because you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in. Applaud your side’s chariot driver and boo the other side’s driver. The horses and actors were clearly having as much fun as we were. Dinner shows are quickly becoming one of my new passions.

I really liked the way smoke fills the ring and stays there then is quickly dissipated when needed. It adds a lot to the ethereal atmosphere of the Arabian Nights story and the torches coming and going were a great touch. We saw the legendary Black Stallion “dance” with the Princess. The American flag was racing everywhere in the cowboy scene. There were actually a lot more kids at the show than I expected but all were old enough and very well behaved.

s7300381.JPG s7300394.JPG s7300408.JPG s7300405.JPG

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