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Hillside Bluegrass RV Park – Cochran, GA

Finally time to bid adieu to Florida and head for the Coast to Coast/Good Sam Club RV Rally in Perry, Georgia. I hit up a Geocache I had already found first to pick up a new travel bug to move and started my “Amuse Me” travel bug on its journey by dropping it into the cache.

The day was beautiful and drive not too bad though I had to stop at a rest area to adjust my sways bars. There is so much traffic on the I75 north that they kept drafting me pretty bad so I had to tighten things up a bit.

Since I had decided rather late in the game to go to the Rally, I could not get reservations for a close campground and I can’t dry boondock at the Rally due to my work. I found a convenient campground about 25 miles away in Cochran, GA with wifi and it is a Passport America park as well. I love paying only $11 a night for full hookups! Finding the Hillside Bluegrass RV Park was pretty easy off a wide open highway outside of town. Their bath house while unheated is still of an excellent design with separate rooms which contain shower, toilet and sink in each. It is on a hillside so level it is not and the dirt road could use some smoothing out. No laundry room. Still, the wifi worked well for me in a space on top of the hill, the owners are very friendly, the location was close enough to see everything I wanted to see. Propane there is high so I filled up at Davis propane in town.

The biggest surprise to me there was that my aircard worked there. It wasn’t EVDO speeds but rather 1xRTT but even that was fast enough for my work the night the storms knocked out the wifi. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed. So glad I got the aircard!

I got a chance to try out my external WaveII wireless antenna outside too. I finally realized I have a small window I never use near my work table and was able to pull the screen out intact. I ran the 15 foot antenna cord in through it after I mounted the antenna to my front window flap strut. Eventually I will be mounting it on a pole by itself that I can raise and lower. I’m thinking of using a tent pole for that. It worked even better outside and the signal gain it adds is fantastic.

While staying in Cochran, I managed to hit one Geocache in Macon to drop off a travel bug and found a gold serpentine chain in it. Mine all mine! Lovely walk on the jogging path through a park along the river and easy find just off of it. I also started my “Beat Me Home” travel tag on its journey by dropping it in the cache. Crossing my fingers.

I also managed to have lunch in Macon with one of my coworkers who happens to live nearby. We have been working together for 3 years over the internet and have never met before. That was great! She’s a very nice and interesting person. She loves Nascar. Don’t worry, Dawn. I’m not going to post the name of your county here and make you the butt of a lot of jokes though I am sorely tempted too.

I tried the boiled peanuts I’m always hearing about in the South. Supposedly boiling gets the salt deep into the peanut and makes them soft to eat. Must be an acquired taste. I much prefer my peanuts hard and salty on the outside. Damn Yankee. 🙂

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