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Disneyworld – Magic Kingdom, FL

Had to be done. I can now say I have been to both of the Disney USA Magic Kingdoms. My son and I left very early in the morning with the plan to be among the first there before the park opened. Apparently, a lot of others think the same way. LOL. The early morning drive through the countryside was charming and a stop for McDonald’s breakfast which I am rarely up for made it even better. Finding Disney certainly is not hard and we arrived with lots of other people.

The parking lot is huge as expected and the trams were waiting to whisk us away. I was not expecting them to whisk us to a place to purchase park tickets and then we would have to board the monorail or a ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom a mile away. By all means, take everything you need with you like your coats and rent a locker at the park. Don’t expect to go back to your car.

DisneyWorld’s Magic Kingdom is very similar to Disneyland though smaller. Many of the rides had been updated since I was last at Disneyland. Pirates of the Caribbean now incorporates Captain Jack Sparrow from the newer Disney movies. The Tiki Room is very different though still good. David dared Space Mountain. We both had a ball on Thunder Mountain. Their version of the People Mover really rocks with a little speed injection here and there. Of course, we had to ride the carousel and rockets. The Haunted Mansion was fun as always. The Hall of Presidents is an absolute must. They actually have the Carousel of Progress there which was removed from Disneyland a very long time ago. I loved being able to share it with my son. We took care of the varmints at the Frontierland shooting gallery (sorry RAT) and raced remote-controlled jungle boats.

s7300307.JPG  David  s7300236.JPG  Rockets

Captn. Jack  s7300253.JPG  s7300296.JPG  s7300277.JPG

Finding food was not easy. If you want a nice sit down dinner in the afternoon, you have to stop at the best restaurants there as soon as you enter the park to make a reservation or you are out of luck.

We managed to stay for 12 hours with the help of a rented ECV (scooter) which we took turns on. It was nice to be able to drive it all the way into the dock for It’s a Small World.

We saw TinkerBell fly down from the castle and the fireworks show to end our evening.

My old pal George and 2 geocaching travel bugs also had fun there. I sent pics of the bugs to their owners. Tee hee.

s7300226.JPG  rugrats_disney.jpg  wilbert_disney.jpg

See the rest of the pictures here.

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