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Wild Bill’s Airboat Tours

My youngest son flew in from the snow in Idaho to spend the weekend with me and see Florida for the first time. We didn’t have a lot of time but we made the most of it. If one is going to see Florida, alligators and airboats are certainly on the list.

We called for an appointment because they do get busy. The airboats have stadium seats and they provide ear defenders as the boats are quite noisy.

Gliding down the river in as little as 8 inches of water over grass, water plants, tree limbs, etc. was very nice. Turning was a bit odd since they don’t turn all that well but rather slide in the right direction. The captain stopped here and there to point out osprey nests, ibyss, and an alligator in front of the boat. He provided the local info and waterline history as shown on the tree trunks. He showed us the local swimming hole which is fed by a clear spring and was quite occupied by a couple of boys having fun on a lovely afternoon. Along the shore, were parked several of the Florida equivalents to the family car. The river was pretty busy that day with both humans and animal life. For pictures, click here.

Help!  Airboat  s7300209.JPG  Family cars

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