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Winter Wanderings

Went to the Jordan Circus with my brother. Just a little one and a bit on the expensive side but something different to do on a winter’s day and enjoyable.

Went to Surf ‘n Swim at the Layton City Pool. They have a wave pool! It has a beach in a way as the pool slopes slowly down into deeper water and it is sooo warm. Floated on a tube. Cost is minimal and well worth it. In the winter it is covered by a tent-like structure and in the summer it is an outside pool which I suspect can get quite busy. We definitely have to go back there again.

Spring coming and my feet have been getting itchy for the road. Can’t leave yet so I went to the Utah RV Show to satisfy my burning hunger. Wow! So many improvements and niceties have been added to RVs. I love my trailer but the new ones are really looking good and even more comfortable. Weights have really come down for them too. Will definitely be going to a 30 footer for my next RV thanks to that (mine is 26 foot). Managed to refrain from buying a new RV but I found one I really like and got a few ideas for changes to mine. I won a prize at one booth and met someone from an RV park I want to go to. I highly recommend buying your ticket to RV shows online where you get a discount and can get in fast. Search for the RV show name to find a site or check Good Sam’s list of RV shows. After the show, I hit up Camping World and went geocaching in the area.

Other things to do in winter in Utah (if you don’t ski) is hit up the thrift stores, Deseret Industries. They are quite excellent and plentiful around the Salt Lake area. My brother has managed to find 3 lines of items he can buy cheap there and sell on Ebay for as much as 10 time more! I just look for stuff for myself. I have found craft kits, office items, a humidifier, computer games, soup bowls, holiday decorations, etc. there. They have everything you can think of and a few you probably didn’t think of.

TIPS: check everything there before you buy and expect electrical items not to work though most will work. Bring several batteries of all types to test items. There are no returns. Don’t expect to walk in and buy a complete system. They tend to, in my opinion, devalue their items by breaking them up and selling them off in pieces. You will have to pick up the main part or console then go looking for power cords, rechargers, games sticks or pads, etc. You won’t usually find it all together as one. Bring items you want to donate to clean up your own house.

Now if you are in Florida, don’t forget to hit up those flea markets. Florida is great for those and even if you don’t buy anything they can be fun to look around.

Took my brother out to dinner for Valentines Day. Stop laughing! I told him for the evening he was Brad Pitt as far as I was concerned but he would turn back into a toad as soon as we got home. Better than nothing.

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