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Spring Cleaning

Time for the necessaries before getting back on the road. Started out by washing and waxing the trailer. An RV should look it’s best when checking into RV parks no matter what age it is or it may be turned away. Unfortunately, many RV parks will not let you do that due to water restrictions or they want you to pay some ridiculous fee to do it. If I’m going to pay someone $10 for the privilege, I expect them to do the work as well!

Lubed the slideout then distributed it and tested by running it in and out. You don’t want to find out the day of your departure from winter quarters that it is not working.

Replaced the broken refrigerator vent cover which also helped to improve the trailer appearance. Still have to replace the other vent covers but I have those on board and ready for another sunny day to do it. It was funny because while I was up on the roof, everybody came by to give me advice or ask if I needed help.

The microwave oven died. I put my handy dandy brother to work and he fixed a loose wire.

Took the SUV in for an oil change and lube job. I spoke to a mechanic about my wonky brakes going rat-a-tat-tat and ended up replacing both rotors on the front and brake pads. Considering the huge amount of mountain driving I have done in the past 2 years, the rotors did very well and deserved to retire. They just finally burned up. Braking is smooth as silk again now.

I pulled everything out of the SUV to get rid of some things I didn’t need and repack everything. I found a few missing items. This is a spring ritual all RVers seem to know. Everyone that came by asked if I was heading back out on the road soon. LOL For the items I didn’t need, I gave them away to fellow RVers directly or put them in the laundry room with a note stating “Free. Take me.” It pays to do laundry in parks I am staying at. Snicker.

With a second person onboard for awhile, the really hard thing to do was clear some space for my brother. After 3 years of living in my RV and 2 of those on the road, I have a lot of stuff and every nook and cranny filled. I managed to clear one drawer and closet for him but the storage above and below is still full of my stuff. I managed to clear one whole shelf in the bathroom for him while the rest remains occupado. I installed a coat hook for him since there is no room in the coat closet. You know us gals have to have several different coats for different occasions. 😉 It’s a good thing he only has one pair of shoes (compared to my 5 pairs). I have heard many shoe discussions around the campfire. Get over it guys. It’s a chick thing!

I turned the brother loose on the food storage cabinets. Unlike me, he’s a great organizer. He got a lot more in and some things are easier to get to while others now require a stool to get to. We definitely have different views on that subject. I can see where couples might have lots of arguments over space allotment, organization, locations of item such as chairs and TVs, keeping things cleaned up, etc. Another good reason NOT to remarry. LOL We are working on our boundaries. Handling the trailer details such as hitching, unhitching, putting chemicals in the toilet, etc. we have agreed are my area with no interference to be tolerated since I am most familiar with the trailer and am not a “helpless female”.

And lastly, I started working on my summer travel schedule. While I still tend to travel by mood, it helps to have some clue as to what I want to do when and where. Then also there are some things you just have to commit to by making a reservation in advance. Commitment. Bah humbug! 😛

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