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New Year, Tough Month

Brrr. Brrr. I want my Florida… BAD! Well, here we are in a new year and I sure hope this month is not a sign of the rest of the year. It’s cold. No, it’s freezing here. This trailer was made for the southern climate where it thrives. There is nothing special added to combat the northern cold. After 2 winters in Florida, I suppose I got spoiled. I had planned on being in Quartsite, AZ by now with the other snowbirds but I had to give that up to help out my brother here. Rackas frackas $%^&*9. I know. I know. Family comes first and Arizona will still be there next year. But grumbling makes me feel better.

So, first my car battery dies, a victim of the cold. A look at the date on the battery told me it was hopeless. I needed a new battery. Unfortunately, it would be several days before my brother could come by. OK, no problem. I had groceries on board, heat, and water. Oops! Did I say heat and water? That night my pipes froze. Not just my water pipes but my sewer hose and tank valves too. All frozen solid thanks to temps in the single digits and OK so I forgot to run the faucet. Then to top it off, the furnace motor died the next day. EEK! This is just not a good omen for the rest of the year. I grabbed a spare heater I had just picked up from my storage (just in case) and ran 2 electric heaters to stay warm. My brother finally made it up here and I put him right to work. First we bought a new battery to get my SUV running. I opened up the space under the shower to help thaw that pipe. My brother shoved his propane BBQ  under the trailer with the cover on to thaw out the valves and pipes underneath. It actually worked very well and we kept a close eye on it. I was able to get the water hose off and let it thaw out in the shower area. The sewer hose was another matter. It disintegrated. I had to run up to the 24 hr. Walmart in the middle of the night to get a new one. I made many trips to Walmart that night.

For the furnace blower, I got very lucky. Anywhere else I would probably have been screwed but here there are 2 State Trailer Supply stores where you can get pretty much anything you need for an RV or mobile home. They are huge! If you are ever in the area, you absolutely must stop by one in Salt Lake City or Ogden, Utah. I gave the one in Ogden a call after checking the manual for the furnace and dang if they didn’t have a blower motor in stock and waiting for me. It was also lucky for me that my brother used to service RV appliances and knew how to get the old one out and the new one in.

So, after a very cold and expensive week, everything was fine again. This required a celebration. We decided to have dinner at Mayan Adventure in Salt Lake City and an adventure it was. Being raised on good old American food and not very spicy, my first Mexican dinner was quite something. The food was plentiful and very good to my surprise. The atmosphere engendered by the jungle decorating scheme was wonderful. The real topper though was the handsome men in nothing but loincloths cliff diving. I kid you not. The restaurant actually has a pool inside with cliffs and waterfalls around it. On top of the waterfalls are native drums. The lighting is minimal and jungle music plays as the young men climb the cliffs and dive into the narrow channel. It takes a lot of skill to do that which I certainly appreciated along with the rippling muscles. 😉 The first divers were olympic athletes I believe.

Mayan AdventureAtmosphereCliff divingMonkeying around

For more pics click here. Ladies, please do not drool on my pictures or lick the screen.

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  • Katrina,
    I have been trying to find out about Coast to Coast RV Camping Club. I have an opportunity to join, but cannot find the cost to camp per night anywhere! I finally found you – and you camped in TN for $2 per night. Can you help me?
    I love your blog, and visit with some regularity. Thanks.
    Sabra Horn

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