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Christmas in Salt Lake City

Christmas in the Salt Lake City area is certainly interesting. Snow is on the ground and children are sledding down any hill they can find in the local parks. The stores are bustling with guerrila shoppers. Decorations are brightly lit everywhere at night. I joined in by decorating my trailer inside and out too.

Xmas in a trailerOutside my trailer

We had fun buying miniature decorations for my little 14 inch fiber optic Xmas tree. It may not be big but its cute and doesn’t take up much space when up or stored.

One thing you must do if in the area at Christmas time is go see the lighting of  Temple Square. It is a big night for families and cold so go prepared. The lights are gorgeous and everyone has a good time. Take your camera and a thermos of coffee or hot cocoa.

Temple SquareLights at Temple SquareDecorate that treeTemple Square Lights

And if the lights of Temple Square just are not enough for you, check out the lights at Thanksgiving Point. For a fee, you may drive through them and gawk all you like.

Thanksgiving Point LightsTGP Animated Light ArborTGP lightsTGP lights

Fun and whimsyUtah heaven

For more pics click here.

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