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Using My Time Off

While waiting for a gate, I kept busy using the fitness room at the Triple R and the hiking trail. I rented some Redbox movies. I also found time to make some minor repairs and upgrades to my 5th wheel with the parts I had on board that were waiting for a time like this.

  • Fixed the bathroom door so it stays shut properly. I had to drill the hole for the door latch bigger.
  • Moved the lock on one side of the bathroom cabinet so it will now hold that door fully closed when moving. Had enough of picking up everything that falls out of that cabinet whenever I move.
  • Fixed the small gap in my new flooring. That took some effort but it is all solid now.
  • Mounted a more solid side on my living rom cabinet that holds my VHS tapes and DVDs. The side had previously been removed to accommodate the wood stove chimney next to it and I had only rigged a temporary patch on it when I had the chimney pulled out.
  • Installed additional half shelves in the kitchen cabinets to organize them better.
  • Replaced the analog thermostat with a nice digital one to stop the huge temperature fluctuations in my RV. Digital is so much better and the directions that came with it made it very easy to change.
  • Made a rack where the chimney used to be to hold my safety bars, shovel, broom, and dust pan out of the way but available. Like sweeping the new floor instead of vacuuming. Love it more with broom and dust pan easy to get at.
  • Installed a strap to hold my portable air conditioner in place while moving.
  • Played with PVC designing a side table and foot stool. Haven’t found what I want in stores so I’m making them! They will be lightweight and easy to store.
  • Headlight switch went out in my truck. I managed to break the old 1992 plastic standoffs while trying to replace it so I had to alter how it is mounted in there and drill some new holes.
  • Finished upgrading to Windows 10 after installing a new larger drive I have been needing for some time. Had to reinstall a file backup and all programs.
  • Made my own ice cream from scratch using heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk per YouTube.

As you can see, I wore myself out not working! LOL

New shelfUsing wasted spaceNew digital thermostat in RV

New rack in RVHomemade Ice Cream

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