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SeaWorld - San Antonio

While waiting at Triple R RV Park again for a gate, I came across a free ticket to SeaWorld – San Antonio being offered to all military veterans by the ID.ME website for a short time. I hadn’t been there yet and knew how expensive such a ticket would normally be so I took them up on the offer. Of course, it wasn’t totally free. SeaWorld charges a ridiculous $17 for parking and that was a discount. Wow! You pay a huge amount to get in. The food as with all amusement parks is expensive. Then they gouge you for parking which you have to pay because it is much too far to walk from anywhere else you might park. I paid for the parking in advance online to speed things up when I got to the park and printed out tickets for both the parking and park entrance.

The day turned out to be a nice sunny one, not too hot or cold. Just before I got to the park, I stopped at McDonald’s for a cheap lunch. On up to the park, I found two long lines of cars waiting to get in but the lines moved swiftly. It gave me time to finish off my lunch. The park had not been open long but the closer parking that costs extra was already filling up so I didn’t bother trying to upgrade to that. I managed to find a pretty decent spot to park anyway. Naturally, I stopped for the obligatory photo at the entrance as many others did.

Seaworld - San Antonio

The park wasn’t at all like the one in San Diego I had been to as a child. This one has lots of rides and play areas. The roller coasters all looked like a lot of fun if I were 30 years younger. My stomach steered me toward the family ride area with a smaller easier roller coaster and other rides it could handle. I got to ride another carousel which is always my favorite. After enjoying several rides, my stomach started demanding ice cream. I happily agreed to the concept and got it a large waffle cone.

Seaworld CarouselSeaworld Ice Cream Upside Down Roller Coaster

Next, I started searching out the various shows which were very good. The Penguin Experience was interesting. I am not a fan of penguins because their life in the Antarctic stinks and I would hate it with a passion. Still, they are cute. The dolphin show was cool. I liked the funny sea lion High School show too. The best was the whale show, though. They were magnificent. Such beautiful creatures in or out of the water. The music, water fountains, and screen videos really adds a lot to the experience as well I think.

Seaworld Penguin ExperienceSeaworld Dolphin ShowSeaworld Sea Lion High School

Seaworld Whale Show

To end the day, I decided to ignore my stomach and take a ride on the Atlantis boat type roller coaster. I regretted that error in judgment. It looked fairly short and straight forward. It takes you up a steep incline, sends you across at the top with just a little drop, then drops you down a steep fall where you get totally splashed at the bottom. What I didn’t see from below is at the top it turns the boat around so that you are going down that small drop backward! Oh gosh! I almost lost my lunch right there. While still recovering from that, down the large drop we went with the sudden slow down at the bottom. SPLASH! I survived.

Seaworld AtlantisSeaworld Atlantis

I didn’t get to see the lagoon show. Being the end of the season, it was already shut down. Bummer… It would have been nicer too if they still had the hot wax machines that make a whale or dolphin figure while you watch but there were none. The last time I saw one of those was at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan several years ago. I guess I have to go back there some day.

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