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Pendleton, OR

Just for fun, I drove over to Pendleton. They have a very nice museum at the old train station. Trains still pass by it and are great to watch. Shirley Temple was there once for a few hours. It’s a good start for some local color. There is an old one room schoolhouse on display next to it.

Pendleton has a wonderful underground tour. To get on it though, you must make a reservation because they will only operate it if they have a set number of people to go on it. I kept calling but it did not seem like they were going to get enough people. I finally went over there and wouldn’t you know it, they got enough and had already left on tour. I did get to join them half way through. Under the city, is a butcher shop, chinese opium den, chinese jail, and a well for those living down there. Yes, I said opium den.

Above ground, they reopened (for tours only) the local bordello (whorehouse) which had been bricked up after the hookers had been driven out. $2 bought a good time back in the old days and soldiers from the nearby base were good clients despite the efforts of the military. Some soldiers have returned with their wives from time to time to reminisce. Prices had to be raised after WWII. I believe it went to $6. Don’t worry, I did not see any familiar faces or names in the old pictures on the wall or the bordello log. You are all safe. Snicker.

I did stop by the store at the woolen mill to browse. Even I was shocked that I managed to leave without buying a blanket or something. Their items for sale were sooo gorgeous.

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