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Sandy Heights RV Resort – Pasco, WA

Have you noticed that RV parks are now calling themselves resorts? I guess changing the name from trailer parks to RV parks was not enough to shed that “trailer trash” image. Of course, my brother likes to tease me by calling me “trailer trash” now that I’m a full-time RVer. Just jealous. Tee hee.

I limped into Sandy Heights when my truck had “issues” on the way to Idaho. Normally I would have been angry but it turned out to be a wonderful oasis for me. You see, my son’s in-laws live only 10 miles from the “Resort” and as it happened, my daughter-in-law was there visiting. She came right out to help me and lead me into the park since the only directions I had were from the freeway which I could not use. Talk about lucky! I knew my son had married very well. She was wonderful. Thank you , Janelle.

If you are a full-timer and near the Tri-Cities area, Sandy Heights is the place for you. They are much more than a campground. This resort is dedicated to full-timers while also still providing plenty of space, pull thrus at that, for overnighters. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They have many pull-thrus and back-ins with full hookups and free cable TV. Wireless broadband internet is available for a charge and easy to connect to. They have a laundry room which I found to be quite nice and very clean bathrooms and showers.

For recreation, they have a pool, hot tub, playground, basketball court, volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and a clubhouse where you can get Wednesday dinner or Saturday breakfast. The clubhouse is air conditioned so on a really hot Tri-Cities day, they encourage you to go play cards or watch TV at the clubhouse.

Outside RV storage is available in a locked and extremely well-lighted fenced enclosure as well as inside storage sheds as life overflows your trailer or for the long-termers who like to have their patio furniture in the summertime. There are mailboxes for long-termers. They do have inexpensive monthly rates and workamping is a possibility at times.

They also have that all important location, location, location. You won’t get a lake or spectacular view but they are right off I-182 at exit 7, close to everything in the area, Walmart and food are 1 exit west as is TRAC where you can go to a carnival, see a ballgame, or even watch their fireworks from the RV park if you are there at the right time. Broadmoor RV and Truck Center is right outside the front gate of Sandy Heights.

I highly recommend a stay here anytime you are in the area.

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My trailer at Sandy Heights Sandy Heights RV Resort Pool and hot tub

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