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Driftwood RV Resort – Boardman, OR

First lesson about choosing campgrounds out of a book: never believe the book. Don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoyed staying at this campground. All the sites are pull-thrus and cable TV is supplied for free. The town itself was enjoyable. It is a small town right alongside the Columbia River and in close proximity to other historic towns and Pendleton, OR where the woolen mills are.

After I unhitched and set up the trailer, I spent a beautiful sunny day in the town park. I watched the ships going up and down the river from a lovely gazebo. I walked the paths. I got to see my first high school girl’s softball game there which was fascinating. The girls play every bit as good as the boys. There was some real competition going on there. The way they interact with their coaches, however, is quite different from boys. You know high school girls. Not flirting. More like they way girls interact with their fathers and the coaches were gentler. They seemed to know what happens when you yell at girls. The floodgates may open. Hee hee.

Now as to why you should not believe the book. First, the book said they had wireless internet available. They did not. They were going to put it in at the time the book was published but something had gone wrong and they did not have it. Since the books have submission dates well before publishing dates, sometimes campgrounds will have to fudge a bit to make sure a new perk makes it into the book. For someone like me who lives on the Internet, that hurt.

The book also said they have a pool and hot tub. They actually do. What it didn’t say was that they are heated by solar power! You can forget about a warm fuzzy experience in the winter months and it takes a while to heat them during the spring and fall.

I do give them points for being extremely helpful when I asked about sightseeing and places to go.

Click here for pics of Boardman, OR

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