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The new week started off with a bang tonight and I mean that literally. Details are not in yet but a trailer here in the park caught fire tonight and is a complete loss. I first heard what sounded like rain and then fireworks. When I opened my window blinds to check on the noise, there was a travel trailer several rows away and a truck next to it completely engulfed in flames. The bangs we heard for over an hour were ammunition stored in the trailer going off. The truck had also just caught the slideout of a second trailer on fire.


Police responded quickly followed by the fire department.  Inhabitants of both trailers were awakened and got out unhurt. Propane tanks were removed safely from the first trailer. Both trailers are too damaged for repair. The truck is also a loss but a motorcycle was saved and possibly another vehicle.

Many of the park residents were awakened and gathered in the cold to watch and make sure other nearby rigs were safe. We now know what everyone sleeps in. I’m a pajama person myself. I expect to see a lot of people with colds this week, particularly the guy in nothing but shorts.

On a positive note, we were supposed to have high winds tonight but they did not come. That saved the trees, fence, and freeway behind the trailer. It likely saved other nearby trailers and motohomes.

Cause of the fire is not yet known but bets are on smoking or an electric space heater. Other trailer fires in the park over the years were caused by smokers and a defective refrigerator which had been recalled but not repaired. There is currently another recall out for Dometic refrigerators from 1997-1999.

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