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Breakdowns and Breakdowns

What a week in my RV life! Both equipment and personal breakdowns.

It started with my refrigerator dying. Darn thing would not stay on and when it was, it was not that cold. Lost a little food but not much. That necessitated putting my entire home in the RV repair place which is thankfully right next to the RV park. Yes, I was homeless for a day.

The upside was that I needed the annual repacking of the hub bearings done anyway and I wanted to add a Tornado black water tank cleaning system, so I got those all done at the same time. See, you can make lemonade from lemons. 😉 All seems to be working fine now. They did a great job.

The refrigerator repair is being paid by the Good Sam CSP warranty I bought right after I bought the trailer “just in case”. The shop called them with their diagnosis and got a quick authorization from them for the $1400 repairs. I just have to pay my deductible so that helps the sting. I guess I should state the shop was Broadmoor RV on St. Thomas Drive in Pasco, WA to throw them some free advertising here. I should also mention that I went back over to Broadmoor the next day and they had a free barbecue going on with barbecued spare ribs and beans. Yummy!

I had to hitch up my trailer 3 times this week and I have to brag that I did it in one shot all 3 times with the help of a pair of magnetic neon yellow poles I bought at Camping World. You place the one pole on the trailer hitch and one on the truck hitch. The key is making sure they are centered and standing straight up. Backup while aligning the poles until the one on the truck is just knocked off and you are right on the money. I find them very easy to use.

Now for another frustrating part of trailer life. When I brought my trailer back to it’s space in the park, I found new folks moved in next door. They have a huge 40 foot motorhome and they parked right at the front of the space almost on the street. And of course, that space is between me and the wireless Internet antenna! I lost a night of work trying to get on for more than 2 minutes for 7 hours before I gave up. I tried everything I could think of electronically the next day to get a signal past their poor parking of their monster. I finally had to give up and consider moving to another space much farther back in the park. I hitched up my trailer again and instead pulled mine nearly out onto the street. It is right at the line. That gave me a line of sight from my work table at the front to the antenna and I now have a signal after much loud umm “noise” that I’m sure made my new “neighbors” feel welcome.

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