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New Tow Vehicle

Yep. Time for a new tow vehicle. I started out with a GMC Sierra Z71 K1500 truck which I truly love riding in and it towed my trailer very nicely on flat land. However, mountains were a bit too challenging for it with my trailer attached. After checking around the RV park and getting lots of helpful advice from other RVers, I decided my truck was fine for smaller, lighter weekend camping trailers but was not for my 26 foot full-timing trailer. I need at least a 250/2500 vehicle that can tow up to 9200 pounds which would be around 20% above the max GVRW of my trailer for safety. 

A regular truck is the norm and can tow both trailers and 5th wheels. I might want a 5th wheel someday but discovered I am really very happy with my current trailer and not in any hurry to change. I also have a cat with me who has to ride in a small cage in my truck which is not very comfortable for her on long hauls.

So, I opted to purchase a GMC Yukon XL K2500 instead with an 8.1L engine and 4.10 gear ratio. It can tow up to 12,000+ lbs. Overkill I know. A 6.0L with 4.10 gears would also have worked or and 8.1L with 3.73 gears. I have been looking for several months and this is the one that finally came along at the right price with everything else I wanted. Who knows, maybe I will want to get a bigger trailer eventually and this new truck can certainly handle it. Gas was not an issue because I work over the Internet rather than commuting.

 The new truck has heated seats, heated mirrors with remote adjust, rear window defroster, ac all through it, cruise control, CD, sunroof, 4×4, tow haul mode, Onstar, leather seats, compass/temp in the rear view mirror, adjustable lumbar support,  bucket seats, remote door locks, passenger radio controls and headphone links, etc. Kitty will be happy with the space once I put up a divider for her.

Yukon Side Again     


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