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Spring In An RV

Spring is here and just like in a house, it is time for spring cleaning. Time to get rid of unneeded things you pick up on the road, time to reorganize space, and time to clean. Trailers can get pretty dirty on the outside during winter and on the west coast, they also tend to get mold growing on windows and side panels. It is up to us to make our homes attractive again and clean up around the park to show the surrounding community we are not “trailer trash”.

Today I washed my trailer and truck. That is not an easy thing to do with a high standing trailer and issues that keep me from bending over or putting real “elbow grease” into it but I managed to do a fairly decent job with the help of the right tools.

A telescoping mop is essential for me. Mine goes from an easy to store 3 feet to a lovely 6 footer. It reaches all the way up to the roof with my feet flat on the ground and swivels every which way. No bending required and no standing on ladders. One sculpted handle and a another padded handle certainly help. RV stores sell them but I found mine at Walmart.

I also got to test a new hose that appears to be ideal for RV folk. I love a good “As Seen On TV” gadget, especially when they really do work. Found at Home Depot, a 50 ft. flat hose made of vinyl in 3 separate channels. It is very light weight, takes up little space, comes on a reel, and includes a 6 way spray. The 3 channel design keeps it from kinking and allows using it on the reel without unreeling it, unlike other single channel flat hoses. Carrying it while using it was easy and reeling it back in even easier. The flat spray and jet position worked the best on the nozzle. This is definitely a must have for washing vehicles and using with a Tornado black water tank cleanout or the clear cleanout hose attachment. Cost was only $19.95. If you go looking for one, it will be in the garden section with the hoses but it comes in a 2″x16″ box. Make sure the carry handle and sprayer are also in the box.

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