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When your shower is located right behind your pantry, it is a good idea to cook real food once in a while. Why? So that you might notice the water in your pantry from the leaking hot water pipe that runs through the pantry! Don’t worry. Was just a twist on coupling. Pliers fixed it.

When the trailer is rocking, don’t come knocking! Mine was rocking this week… Yes, gave the cat some catnip before I went to bed. First she went sliding on the kitchen floor with the stolen bathroom carpet. Then she hauled her new popup condo into the kitchen to run back and forth through it. When I got up, toys were strewn everywhere. It felt like I was sleeping on a boat!

If you notice that an unusual number of fellow campers at a campground have water filters installed on their water lines, there is likely a very good reason for it. Sniff the water before drinking then run right over to Walmart.

That silly outside shower is wonderful for cleaning the pad underneath the rig when you hookup or unhook the sewer hose. I think you know why. 😉

If you know anything at all about computers, any amount of geek talk will bring folks running to you for help, even in a campground. I actually made some extra money last week. LOL

The Internet here was down the other night so I could not get on to work. Naturally, I wanted to be sure it was the service and not me. I walked around till I saw a pair outside an expensive 5th wheel in the full-timers section. Turned out to be a great ice breaker and got me a tour of their RV. Even in bad there is good. 😉

Food. Been going to the Saturday breakfasts at the clubhouse. They make fantastic biscuits and gravy here. They have a weird way of making an omelet though. They throw the egg and other ingredients into a plastic bag, tag it with a number, then throw it in boiling water. Actually, rather tasty. Of course they randomly gave me number 13. It also turned out I was the thirteenth customer that morning. I refused to touch the number slip so they were kidding me. The slip fell off the table and of course someone just had to pick it up and give back to me. It was nice in that the teasing got everybody talking to each other and me. On the way out, I peeled off the number and stuck it on the manager’s shirt with a pat on the back. Heh heh.

Murphy’s law: if you even dare think of putting out your awning, the next day will be the windiest ever.

Finally tried out the new oven. Appears to be on a delay after you light the pilot light so that dummies get their hand out of the oven before it actually lights all the way.

The sizes on pans in the store are the inside cooking space dimensions and not the actual pan size which is guaranteed to be too big for your oven.

If you live in an RV, forget about buying full size pizzas. They don’t fit in the freezer. Just trust me on this one.

A great way to make a living running a campground is to cater to full-timers. They have people here who have been here year-round for years! The couple I spoke to about the Internet, don’t even own a truck to pull their rig. They visit via car or plane, don’t like paying property taxes and utilities, and the rent in an RV park is very cheap. Throw in a clubhouse, pool, and hot tub and oh baby!

If you are going to run a full-timer’s park, you should also rent RV storage and regular storage units. You make money even when they aren’t there! Full-timers like their summer furniture too which they have to store in the winter somewhere. Internet, of course, is also essential and you can make a buck off that too.

One person creates an AMAZING amount of trash!

You must love the smell of barbecued steaks to live in a camprground. Some nights will drive you crazy.

Don’t let your cat discover the storage area under the bed. It’s a real pain holding the bed up and waiting for her to finish exploring.

Even in a campground, there are going to be incredible jerks:

  1. The guy who parks his extra car in an empty camp space rather than in the extra parking area.
  2. The girl who sits on her car with the doors flung open and stereo cranked way up.
  3. The jerk who plays the stereo in his trailer with bass cranked up at 1 am in the morning.
  4. The woman who complains over and over about the size of spots not being as big as in their sister campground so she should be allowed to park on the streets or in an empty camp space.
  5. The guy who leaves his dog tied up outside all day in the heat despite rules against that.

Why go to Pasco? A lot of people seem to be here to see family and they all love to vacation in Idaho. Go figure. I saw my other son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids here so it was worth it for me.

Why are so many full-timers here at the RV resort? Many are transient workers such as those in construction, repairs, shows, swap meets, etc. Some just plain live here. Many are here while they wait for construction or remodeling of their homes to finish. And then there are the travelers like me.

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