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Visiting My Baby

I’m back in Pasco, WA for a month. Did I mention I get sick in Idaho? I can only stand being there for 1-2 months at a time. Part of it is allergies since they have sooooo many trees there.

I am now an RVer with a cat. My cat has not been happy since I left. OK, it’s my fault. I spoiled her rotten! She will now be traveling with me. That should be interesting… Her name is Andrea. Also known as Stupid at times. Now I wish I had bought a motorhome. That would be a lot easier with pets and traveling. Oh well. I’ll work it out.

Already feeling a lot better since leaving.

Arrived in 106 degree heat with cat in cage. Thank God for air conditioning in cars. She still whined the whole time.

Have lots of insights.

106 degrees outside = 83 degrees inside and livable once air conditioner gets going.

If your trailer has been in storage for 2 months, your battery may be dead and electric jack won’t work.

When cranking manually, go in the direction of most resistance. For some reason, the other direction does not work no matter how long you crank. Don’t forget to put the manual crank cap back on or you will lose it when you drive off. If lucky, you will find it if you take time to go back and look.

In 106 degree heat, it takes forever to back up and hitch up right not to mention trying to back into a spot for the first time alone.

Electric jack will work if you hook up to electric despite the batteries. 🙂

Hookup electric and water (for cold water flow) asap. To heck with the jacks and anything else until it gets cooler.

ALWAYS buy a rig with ducted air conditioning and heat. It is M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S.

Little fan you ignored in upper corner of bedroom is very nice to circulate the air from the one duct in there.

The refrigerator will not work no matter what you do or how long you wait until you go out in the heat, open the outside panel and turn the tiny knob you turned off when putting trailer in storage. Said knob of course has no indicator of which way is on.

To cool down while waiting for air conditioner to cool, strip naked, take cold shower without turning on water heater, stay naked and take a nap. May make cat jealous and best done with no kids or randy significant others around.

Dish network will not set to your RV dish until dish is aimed and has signal which you need network to aim. Catch 22. Am told there is a workaround with a meter which I don’t have. Be sure park has cable TV. 🙂

Sleeping in RV park next to freeway is no different and no worse than living next to freeway at home.

To make cat happy, pull up window blinds part way behind couch. Remember they are open when dressing. 😉

Whipping out a couple of favorite toys from home puts a gleam in cat’s eyes.

Clean cat box every day and they will use it.

Cat will be more tolerant of absences if you brush her coat out when returning home and babble baby talk like an idiot.

Cat will eat less out camping so it is a great diet.

Cats like both linoleum and carpet in RVs.

If you have a space between couch and wall, cat is guaranteed to go down there to investigate and get trapped in storage area underneath.

Cat will steal your crocheted carpet from the bathroom by pawing under the door for it. Give it up. Not worth the fight.

Travel trailer living beats house living hands down.


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