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Back to Pasco, WA Again

Time to go back down again. This time I brought my Idaho son. The cat noticed us packing the truck and was wondering if she was going. The minute Dave put the cage on the floor, she ran right in. She was actually pretty well behaved during the driving this time. She only howled for half the trip. Once we let her out in the trailer, she recognized it and was quite happy to rub herself all over the carpeting and linoleum. I finished crocheting the new bathroom carpet and brought it down here. This one she is leaving alone. YAY!

We got here just in time for Wednesday night dinner of lasagna. The minute I walked in the clubhouse door they recognized me. That’s always nice. The food was good as usual too.

My sons are making good use of the hot tub. 😛

David and I had a snoring contest. Not sure who won. David has decided my 26 foot trailer is too small for two people with a mother-son relationship who are not from Arkansas. He thinks it would be fine for 1 person or two significant others. I believe the term “spooning” came up. Ah well. We did look like the most geekish pair with me on my laptop working at the table and him on his laptop on the table by the couch.

The new SSL VPN service I had to add for wireless Internet security worked out great. Not only does it encrypt my connection over wireless, it makes me anonymous when I surf the net. Jiwire and Witopia are two such companies. Jiwire also provides a downloadable list of hotspots. You can Google for other services.

David got my TV sound going through the trailer stereo system with a wireless FM transmitter. Very cool.

OK, so what did I learn about RVing this time? First, I finally snagged the guy next door to give me a tour of his 32 foot Avion (similar to Airstream) trailer. He has darker wood and the biggest RV bathtub I have seen. Turns out, he has actually been near a couple of the cities I have been in other states at the same time and was living near my home in Idaho. He fulltimes here in Pasco now so he clued me in on winters here and winterizing.

Second, I did a like duh from being away from my trailer too long. Took a shower and right at the end, it stopped draining. Now it had gotten slower last time and I knew a lot of hair was getting in the trap. I got my handy dandy surgical tongs out and pulled out a huge chunk of hair from the drain. But still, it would not drain. I let it sit for several hours with the idea that I would go get a snake the next day for the drain. It finally occurred to me that this was a trailer and not a house. It drains into a tank. Could the tank possibly be full? Like duh! Of course! With two people in it taking showers and David having previously been here alone for a couple days, it was completely full. After checking the meter inside, I went outside and opened the valve. Whoosh! It drained immediately. Ok but I still should get credit for getting the hair out because it is draining normally now into the tank. BTW, I absolutely love the outside lights on the trailer which make this so easy to take care of at night without a flashlight needed.

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