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Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

Moved on over to Minnesota. When I heard that Mall of America was here, I decided to stay awhile.

I would have liked to have seen the Spam (as in Hormel canned meat) Museum in Austin but alas it just did not work into my route. I came across a very bumpy I90 then headed north on a just as bumpy I35. Eek! 5 hours of jiggling my insides around and both the cat and I were ready to put up for the night. We stayed at the Hope Oak Knoll campground which is in a farmer’s front yard among a grove of beautiful oak trees and surrounded by his cornfield. No pool, cable TV, or internet there but being in the grove of old oak for a night was enough amenity. 🙂 You can see the cornfield behind my trailer below (3rd pic).


The next day was an easy 2 hour jaunt to the Treasure Island Casino Resort near Hastings (below St. Paul). Their RV park has very strong wireless internet and a shuttle back and forth to the hotel and marina. The casino runs all day and night with live entertainment on Saturday nights. They have several restaurants inside to choose from including a delicious buffet. Rvers may use their pool and the park fees are very inexpensive without needing any discounts. You may want to go ahead and join the hotel’s Passport Club whether you intend to gamble a lot or not so you can get in on all their contest giveaways. Not being a gambler, I prefer to use this as a home base to see the area. It is a typical casino RV park, mostly pavement. George did enjoy the pool very much. I enjoyed Saturday night’s live entertainment, Lightening Flats.


I went on their dinner cruise on a yacht on the Mississippi and enjoyed it very much. Dinner was 1″ thick prime rib with seasoned red potatoes and cut peppers and onions. Dessert was the most excellent tasting cake/ice cream like confection that went down so smoothly even for the most already stuffed individuals. The dining room emptied immediately after dinner as everyone hit the decks up front and upstairs to enjoy the river. By all means, take the cruise!


We passed the American Queen steamboat on the river which I am told they have never been so close to there before. It is a paddle wheeler with staterooms for a grand week ‘s cruise down the Mississippi river. We were all jealous of the waving passengers on her. We also passed tugs and barges putting in for the night.


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