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Wabasha, MN

I went to Wabasha this week to see the home of the movie, “Grumpy Old Men”. If you get into this area and want a great scenic drive, drive route 61 from Hastings to Wabasha along the Mississippi River and Pepin Lake. I found Slippery’s Bar in Wabasha as mentioned in the movie and there is an Indian Slough. The screenplay was written by a grandson based on his granddad and granddad’s fishing buddy as characters. Apparently they have a lot of characters in Minnesota if ya know what I mean.


The movies were not actually shot here but nearer to St. Paul. It is still a nice town to visit with many bed and breakfasts or an RV park to stay in. When I visited, they were gearing up for a festival with a Grumpy Old Men fishing derby and had the Budweiser clydesdales there. It was a little hot that day so I kicked off the shoes and went wading in the river. Others were swimming.


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