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Madison, SD

I took a drive over to Madison, to see my mail service there, MyDakotaAddress.com. Since that is listed as my “home” and my vehicles are registered there, I thought I ought to see it and be able to answer friendly questions about it. 😉

Madison is a very nice, decent size town with several large lakes nearby, state parks, a university nearby, and a great mail service. MyDakotaAddress.com receives and ships my mail anywhere, when I tell them to by email or phone, and they email me every day that they receive new email so I know what is there and can tell when mail needs to be sent or when it can wait. They also registered my vehicles for me by mail. I really enjoyed meeting the ladies, Terri and Beth. They were nice enough to let my buddy George hang out in our “home” for a bit as you can see.


Talk about picking a great location! Their office is right across from the Post Office and one block from the courthouse and library. Very smart ladies!

Welcome to Madisonmadison_postoffice.jpglake_courthouse.jpgmadison_library.jpg

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