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Elkhart, IN

Not a lot of fun here this week. I traveled more of America’s crumbling infrastructure (I80) across Illinois to Elkhart, IN. The toll road cost me $8.70 and was as bumpity bumpy as the other roads.

I stayed at the Elkhart Camprgound this week. Tad more expensive than what I am used to but very nice with lots of grass and trees, excellent swimming pool, a laundry room that is more like a full-size commercial laundromat including the soda pop machine and magazines, long pull-through sites, volleyball, miniature golf, basketball, decent WIFI, and very nice, helpful owners of Indian (as in India) descent. There seems to be a large Indian population here and many of them own businesses. They were very good to me and have many full-timers who return over and over. I can see why with their excellent customer service and close location to an equally excellent RV repair facility and the RV Hall of Fame.

I pulled in here because my RV needed the front skin repaired That bumpy road out there shook the staples right out of it. What better place than the place where 50% of RVs are made? Lots of others in the campground appear to have come for the same reason. A little asking around the campground and I found Chargers on CR6 which is also in the Good Sam book. They were able to fit me into their schedule quickly and the repair looks pretty good and solid.

Chargers also discovered my battery holder on the front was not secured so they screwed that down, changed my battery cover straps, caulked the back window and roof rack to hopefully stop a leak that just started behind my bed last night, and changed the end plug on my main power cable which was looking pretty bad and I had already purchased the new end for at Walmart. The new end has a handle built in for easier pull out and good solid strain relief. Good people and great service. I highly recommend them. $380 bucks later and I’m ready to hit the road again. 🙂

Also while I was here, it rained down in buckets, power went out, and lightening zapped the campground’s modem. It took 1 long sloooow day and night for it to die then finally died and killed the wifi before I was done working that night. After they swapped in a new modem, I was still unable to get online though others could who had not been online when it died. I had to rent a motel room with wifi to work my last night of the week. 🙁

While I was here, I visited the RV Hall of Fame, a must see if you get in the area. They have one hall dedicated to Go RVing with several of the latest models to look at and get ideas.

My favorite hall was the oldtimer RVs. Many of the floor plans were very similar to ours today though for a long time they did not have bathrooms. The old bunk beds were also canvas stretched between poles. There was a trailer there with a leather skin on the outside and canvas stretched taught over the wood roof. Many of them were made of wood and the first ones were either homemade or built by horse carriage makers. One had a pot belly stove in it and others had oil heaters. Some had hot plates. One had a regular house stove and fridge. What got me the most I think was the canvas bunkbeds and the benches used as seats in the first motorhomes. Not terribly comfortable. I also like Mae West’s “limo” the studio had to provide to get her to make movies instead of doing vaudeville. Comes with a driver, table, hotplate, icebox, and back porch where she sometimes rocked in a chair. Very nice for the time.

To see my pictures of the RV Hall of Fame, go here. Too many to post here. He he.

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