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More tips for the RVer

Time for a station break to report more of what I have learned as a full-time RVer.

First, the dang cat is upset about being ignored  and upstaged by George so here she is in all her glory again.


Cat mollified.

More of what I have learned:
1. Just because a campground says they have wifi, does not mean it reaches the whole park or is particularly strong.
2. Wifi may mean satellite provided which is slower but useable or may mean DSL or better which is faster. If you work over the Internet, it matters and you must ask, though RV park personnel rarely know what you are talking about or what they have.
3. During the cooler months you can go a long time between tank dumps. Really hot weather though makes it real stinky real fast so you need to dump once a week.
4. Disconnect your towing chains before pulling the car out from under the hitch. Don’t ask…
5. Keep lots of fuses for the power hitch jack on board.
6. If you have South Dakota plates on your car and RV, everyone knows you are a full-timer.
7. Setting up a manual satellite TV antenna is pretty easy with a compass and even easier with a level meter when needed.
8. Sometimes the Passport America daily rate is cheaper than the weekly rate and sometimes not. Do the math.
9. Resort memberships such Coast to Coast, etc. don’t really seem to save that much money and can cost more with home park fees, yearly dues, etc.
10. Gas is expensive, period. Staying in one place longer helps. Picking a central location to drive just the car to attractions or being able to walk to some is cheaper.
11. Look for discount coupons to attractions as soon as you get there and ask your park host about possible attraction discounts they offer.
12. A whining cat may mean she is hungry or it can mean she is bored, she is overtired waiting up for you, or the mouse or ball have gone under the bathroom door again.

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