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Camp Lord Willing-Monroe,MI

Like many RVers, I have a map on my door with little stickon states to add as I go through them. The basic rule is you must spend one night in a state or spend a day as a tourist. Of course, this is on the honor system and people can and do make their own rules on when a state can be added.

With this in mind, I decided to make a small detour to spend a week in lower Michigan just so I could add it to my map. As usual, a small detour became a big detour. I found a lovely campground in Monroe, Michigan near Lake Erie. Camp Lord Willing has very friendly staff and owners, solid excellent Wifi, a swimming pond, quaint lighted bridges over the canal that surrounds the campground, and ducks, lots and lots of ducks. The canal and pond are stocked so lots of people were fishing right in their camp spot. You can throw your own boat out there if you wish for fun. Campfires are plentiful as well as nice people to share them with.

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The laundry room was very inexpensive and clean and next to the showers. The showers are amazing in design and cleanliness. They are all tile with a separate large room for each one that includes toilet, sink, lots of hooks, and a walk-in shower with no curb to step over; just walk around the wall. Best showers I have ever seen. It is pretty hard to get me NOT to use the wonderful shower in my trailer but they seduced me into using theirs.

For Labor Day, they had a potluck under the pavilion with a live band. I cooked for the first time for one of these and found my green bean casserole quickly gone. Woohoo! 🙂

I was having a great time in camp as it was but then I found out they are not only super close to Lake Erie and Sterling State Park, but are also within 35 miles of the 2nd best museum in the country, The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. 1 week quickly turned into 2 weeks and a whirlwind of activity.

To be continued… muwahaha!

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