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Lake Erie

One day I got up at a decent hour considering I work Pacific time and am living in Eastern time. I saw that there was a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant here so I set out to explore this burg of Monroe, Michigan and find an icon I have not eaten in since I left Los Angeles many years ago. Just as I found it, my Yukon picked up the scent of lake air and zoomed right on by and off to another adventure. Personally, I think George put it up to it.

Something that has really come in handy in this Yukon is the compass in the mirror. I always know what direction I am going which sure helps when all the directions I am given say to go west here and south there etc. I noticed my Yukon was headed SE per the mirror which could only mean he was headed to one lake in particular nearby, Lake Erie. Sure enough, a few minutes later, we were pulling into a state park and up it popped for as far as the eye can see. Lake Erie is easy to recognize. Just look for the nuclear power plant and other industry stacks along the edge. 😉



As usual here, the day was hot and humid with another lightening storm hovering in the distance but sunny here. I went over to sit and look at the lake for a bit. I hadn’t been here in more than 40 years. Lots of people were barbecuing delicious smelling hamburgers and hotdogs while others were swimming and wading. But then it occurred to me, why should a little thing like a bathing suit (since I had not planned this jaunt) keep me from maximum enjoyment. As I would have and did as a kid, I went swimming in my clothes… again.

The water was fabulous and you can go out quite far without getting in over your head. The bottom is my favorite solid sand type. The temperature was perfect. I walked in with nary a shiver while the weenies whined “Oh it’s cold, it’s cold!” Obviously, they have not swam in the Pacific Ocean. It felt so good I didn’t want to leave. Once you get out and start feeling the heat again, you want to go right back in.

Thank goodness I keep a blanket in the car and have leather seats. Been quite awhile since I have had to ride home in wet clothes. Of course, sitting in Big Boy was out for the day but a quick drive through KFC and a shower at home finished the day off fine.

Oh and the Big Boy, I did manage to catch him another time.


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