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Cats On Guard

Momma CatKittens PlayingKittens

Who needs a pet when you live and work in Texas? For several weeks I had pets again. The ranch cat on my ranch got together with the ranch cat across the street and they had four kittens which they decided to raise under the cattle guard under my gate. It was a pretty good choice really as it was very secure from predators and provided a long tube for the kittens to hide or sleep in. Daddy Cat came by some mornings to check on his brood and bring food. Nothing like a fat dead rat or bird for breakfast, yum! Momma Cat came in the evenings to hang out with them and feed them again. She brought mice and rabbits.

The trucks and tankers coming in didn’t seem to bother the kittens and eventually they didn’t mind me being around too much either though I kept my distance. As they grew, they got bolder and started popping their heads up above the cattle guard and venturing outside the fence next to the cattle guard. Whenever Mom or Dad were around, they all came out and played all over the driveway. It was quite a show.

I knew they would be leaving soon when they started sleeping outside the fence in the open grass because they were outgrowing their small sheltering tube. While I was away on vacation, Momma Cat came and took them away. I miss them.

Previously, I had a clearly domestic lost dog in bad shape come to the gate for help so I had a dog for a few days until the police came to take him to the shelter. Except for chasing trucks, he was the most well-mannered dog I have ever seen and so loving. I would have liked to have kept him if dogs were allowed at gates.

Poor Pooch

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