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Voting Rights For Full-Time RVers

As a full-time RVer, I don’t live in one place but I do have a mailbox service in Livingston, Texas with the Escapees which also gives me a “residence” to use for vehicle registrations, driver licensing, and voting. Recently, a legislator in South Dakota tried to strip that state’s full-time Rvers of their voting rights on the premise that their only link to the state is their mailbox. I understand how someone who doesn’t know RVers would think we might unfairly sway voting on local issues and elections. However, while it may be a possibility, it doesn’t happen and such thinking does not take into account those who travel mainly within that state who are directly affected by local issues. If that legislator had taken the time to actually speak to full-time RVers before trying to turn them into second class citizens, he would have found out that RVers are actually a pretty ethical bunch. Most I have spoken to don’t vote on local issues and some don’t vote on state issues because they feel it would not be right to do so unless they are willing to take the time to get to know the issues and candidates which involves more than just reading the propaganda emailed to them or the sometimes confusing text on a ballot. We may vote on a state legislator candidate because he/she does affect the laws of the entire country and therefore us, not just his/her state. We certainly have a right to vote for who the next president of our country will be as that most certainly affects us. Taking the right to vote away from full-time RVers is short-sighted, un-American, and trying to solve an issue where there isn’t one. Thankfully, the legislator’s proposal in South Dakota has been tabled for now. Let’s hope it dies completely or we may have to arrange some “education” for South Dakota who seems to have no problem with taking registration fees, licensing fees, wheel taxes, and sales taxes from RVers.

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