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Boondocking (Semi)

I’m getting some experience in boondocking while staying in my son’s backyard. It is not true boondocking because I have to have electricity and wifi for my work but thoseĀ are all I have here.

I must say that boondocking is not as bad as I had imagined. The water tank holds quite a lot so it does not have to be filled often and I don’t mind running it off the pump. The black water tank only needs to be emptied once a month. The gray water holds quite a lot if you don’t take showers in here. Doing dishes in this rig does not fill it up as quickly as in my brother’s motorhome so I can get away with dumping it once a month as well. The refrigerator is running off propane here rather than electricity and it is using very little propane while keeping the food quite cold. I actually had to turn the temp up because it got too cold. That was a shock. The heat works fine off propane as well. I get one week off a 30 lb. tank in winter.

I am still not a big fan of boondocking though because I really like having TV which requires electricity as does my work. I know I could use a generator but I don’t have one and I don’t think I could run one for 9 solid hours non-stop while working in the middle of the night. Since I have to have wifi for work, boondocking for me is out of the question at the moment though I can see how it may be in my future once aircards get fast enough and I change jobs perhaps eventually. Right now I only boondock when I am enroute to a new place that takes more than a day to get there and I am on my days off. That’s enough for me.

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