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World’s Largest Frying Pan – Rose Hill, NC

OK, stop laughing! What’s the point of traveling if ya can’t stop to smell the roses or in this case the frying pan. I’ve been down sick for a couple of weeks and sleeping 12 hours a day. Not seen anything but the inside of my trailer and as much as I love my trailer, I needed an adventure… BAD! So, today I went to Rose Hill to see the World’s Largest Frying Pan (I’m easily amused). Rose Hill is known for it’s poultry industry and annual Poultry Fair.

Before you all start commenting about others you have seen, let’s just agree that since Guinness Book of Records does not care to decide who’s is the biggest and there are many ways to measure such a thing, then we don’t care either.

The pan is 15 feet in diameter, does have a handle, is separated into sections like a pie so that only part may be used at a time, has 40 propane jets underneath to heat it, and can cook about 365 chickens at one time. They use full sized pitch forks to turn and retrieve the chickens from the hot oil. It is used a couple of times a year for fund raisers, etc. It is housed in a nice little open pavilion on the corner of Highway 117 and Main St. You will normally find it covered but they do have pictures and text mounted on the pavilion.

World’s Largest Frying Pan  Frying pan handle  Fying pan

OK, that was good for 5 minutes and bragging rights. Aside from the pan, I got a lovely tour of a good part of eastern North Carolina in the sunshine, saw several Piggly Wiggly grocery stores finally as well as lots of cotton fields, filled up my empty propane tank I took with me “just in case”, and hit up a buffet for dinner. Then I had to nap as soon as I got home. LOL

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