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Blythe Intaglios

I accepted a geocaching challenge to go see the Blythe Intaglios some time ago and finally decided to stop on the way to Parker, AZ for groceries. Traveling north on Hwy 95 from Blythe, there is a sign on the right for the Giant Desert Figures (Intaglios) and just past that a monument. Across the highway from that is the dirt road to the Intaglios. I am very glad I did. These are giant ancient drawings on the desert floor which were only discovered in the 1930s from the air by a pilot flying from Blythe to Las Vegas. The area is covered with black volcanic rocks which have been scraped away to create the drawings. The Intaglios are each surrounded by fences to preserve them. Parking is available nearby each. The road to them is pretty rugged but our small car managed to make it up there fine. You get a nice view of the desert up there too. Many visitors have added their own touch by piling rocks on top of the wooden fence posts to leave their own mark. It’s worth a few minutes of your time to stop. We found it enlightening when we realized these are the exact same figures that were stamped from steel sheets and setup as part of the landscaping renovation at Mayflower County Park last year. Nice to know what those childish sculptures that have nothing to do with the park or its uses are so now we have some idea why thousands of dollars were spent erecting them. In the desert they fit and are art. In the park, they are out of place and stupid.

Intaglios ManIntaglios CritterBlythe Intaglios

Mayflower Sign IntagliosMayflower IntagliosMayflower Intaglios

For more pics click here.

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