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Wrapping up Quartzsite 2012

The annual RV Show and Swap Meet is over for this year. It turned out better in some ways and worse in others. We lost some vendors from years past but got some new vendors. Everyone seemed to have a good time and lots of money changed hands. The traffic didn’t seem as bad as last year to me. The Big Tent was as crowded as ever. McDonald’s didn’t have the special deal on Big Macs this year like last year which was disappointing so we took our own sandwiches this time. The new scooter rental did very well and we hope they will be back again next year. Saw a lot of electric bicycles and other scooters around there this year.

The most popular man toy this year was an RC helicopter. Men everywhere were walking around with large boxes in hand with helicopters in them. Boys gotta have their toys.

Quartzsite RC helicopters

Met an Escapee in the Big Tent who hooked me up with the Escapees Geocaching BOF (Birds Of a Feather). I couldn’t attend their event during the week due to work but will get to know them online and meet them for play another time.

We sold my red scooter at one of the consignment stores. Hopefully it found a good home. My baby my baby! Will have to be content with my blue one now.

Took some time to go by Celia’s Garden again in Quartzsite and show it to my brother. I love the memorials and landscaping there. Very glad to see the memorial to RVing women. Enjoyed finding a geocache again that I had found last year there.

RVing Women MemorialRVing Women Memorial

We met my sister, her husband, and some friends at Sizzlers for dinner one night. This may become an annual thing along with Quartzsite and is the best reason to stay over in Blythe, CA. As usual, it was pretty busy for dinner. Lots of great food and service there for a reasonable price.

Everyone in camp has started talking about heading out or home. Our friends will be leaving next week so we are hosting a BBQ for them tomorrow night. We’ll be here 1 more month then off to wherever the wind blows us.

Till the next Quartzsite season…

Quartzsite Big TentCanadian MountieOld RV toys

Ice cream boothCool golf cartArmy jeep golf cart

Quartzsite desert boondockingQuartzsite desert boondocking

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