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The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village

Near Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan is an absolutely fabulous museum that is really two in one, one inside and one outside. Here Henry Ford has gathered numerous wonders of America which make American History jump off the page and come alive which was his intention.

At the Henry Ford you will see legendary . . . → Read More: The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village

Lake Erie

One day I got up at a decent hour considering I work Pacific time and am living in Eastern time. I saw that there was a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant here so I set out to explore this burg of Monroe, Michigan and find an icon I have not eaten in since I . . . → Read More: Lake Erie

Camp Lord Willing-Monroe,MI

Like many RVers, I have a map on my door with little stickon states to add as I go through them. The basic rule is you must spend one night in a state or spend a day as a tourist. Of course, this is on the honor system and people can and do . . . → Read More: Camp Lord Willing-Monroe,MI