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VA Annual Stand Down for Veterans

Went to the Stand Down at the local VA in Salt Lake City, UT. It is an annual event to help veterans at the VA hospital. While primarily aimed at homeless veterans, any vet can go. It is a wonderful event and very well planned with plenty of volunteer help from local military. They served a very tasty free breakfast in a tent out on the lawn. Check-in was held in another tent where they also had a list of items they were giving to anyone that needed them such as old army blankets, duffel bags, clothing, socks, boots, outdoor gear such as tents and sleeping bags, and more. Since I am not homeless, I only asked for what I really needed which was new combat boots, boot socks, and a blanket. Combat boots are the only shoe that fully covers my bad ankle and my VA doctor had suggested I get a pair. He was right. No falling down when I wear them. They are also great in snow as well as dry. Of course, since they are military boots, I keep them clean and polished just like in my service days. Old habits die hard. 😉 And yes my children, yo momma wears combat boots! That is not an insult.

Stand Down also provided information, targeted help for the homeless, and medical care. I got there too late for a visit to the optometrist but I managed to get my bad ear cleaned and I got my shots. They provided flu, tetanus, and pneumonia shots. While I was at it, I got my old VA card replaced with the updated card. All in all, it was well worth the drive in. Thank you VA! God bless America.

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