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Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

Now I know you’re thinking that should have been the end of the vacation to beat all vacations. That was a lot to do. It was supposed to be the end. Bernie had booked her flight home for the next day so I drove her to the airport and said goodbye. I had planned to stay one more day and just chill out by the pool. Then I got to thinking, “One pool is as good as another and Disney has two waterparks that are actually pretty cheaply priced.”. I went back to the condo, grabbed my swim bag, and headed off to Typhoon Lagoon.

I really did mean to only pick one park and relax. However, when I bought my ticket, they informed me it was good for both parks which are near each other and just have different themes. Parking was free at both. Who could resist a twofer, especially two waterparks in one day? Some mountains just have to be climbed so throwing relaxation to the wind, I spent half a day at each park. Typhoon Lagoon has some good slides and a very nice wave pool. Blizzard Beach has a fun gondola ride to the top of the mountain to slide down. The lazy river was a little too lazy for my taste at both.

Cowabunga, dude!Typhoon LagoonLazy river

I do recommend buying the all day drink cup with free refills all day. I think they had them at Disneyworld too.

I can’t decide which I liked better because both were fun but, sorry Disney, Schlitterbahn is still the king of waterparks!

Oh, when the parks were closing, I ran around till I found an ice cream stand still open and bought a great big cone then purposely sat to eat it right in front of the changing rooms so the little kids would drive Mom and Dad crazy whining for one. Sometimes I can be evil. Muwahaha!

I flew home the next day and had a much better drive back using a different route. That was the final end of the vacation to beat all vacations.

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