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Home Sweet Home

It’s official. I did it! I leased my own RV lot in the Escapees RV park known as The Ranch in Lakewood, NM. When I got back from my vacation, I came down with a cold the next day. That kept me at the park and out of work for a couple more weeks. I got better just in time for their annual Roundup week long celebration. They had lots of fun activities, contests, and a pot luck. I participated in the air rifle shooting contest and won. Then they got the previous year’s champion, also a woman, to come have a shootout with me. I won again! They started calling me Annie Oakley and were so darn nice to me that I had to stay awhile.

Air rifle range shooting

For something to do, I thought I would check out their sites that were up for lease. I had looked at leasing in other Escapees parks but they all had very long waiting lists. They gave me a list of immediately available sites and several had really great prices in my comfort range. I walked around to look at all of them. One with what they call a casita on it that I would have liked very much was already marked pending. Then I saw the one that was just right for me. It had a large shed on it with rollup garage door and sliding side door, cement floor and patio next to it, plenty of electrical, a nice long work bench in it, and all the walls are lined with lots of shelves. The lot is large, covered with gravel, close to the clubhouse, but not too close to a walk through path between the streets. It’s exactly what I need to store a lot of stuff I don’t need inside my RV when sitting here and stuff I don’t need when out gate guarding. They had also recently painted the shed and discounted the lot. Perfect.

My lot at The RanchLots and lots of shelvesMy workbench

There was no background check done as far as I know. I had to put down a $500 deposit to get started. It took almost two weeks to move the current casual renter off and close the deal with final payment so I had to pay rent during that time. Now that it is mine, I have to pay for my electrical use and a large yearly assessment fee to maintain the park which still works out a lot cheaper than renting a camp site particularly in these high priced oilfield areas.

Park Amenities:

  • Temperature controlled clubhouse with kitchen, pool table, gym equipment, free book library, free DVD library, puzzles, item exchange table, activities, pot lucks.
  • Wood shop with full set of saws, drill press, and tools to use.
  • Air rifle and archery shooting range.
  • Inexpensive laundromat with front loading washers.
  • Welding shop.
  • ALL water is run through a reverse osmosis filtration system.
  • Electrical upgraded in my section recently.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout park.
  • Free post office box with lease.
  • Package acceptance at the office.
  • Onsite RV storage.
  • Air compressor to air up tires.
  • Boondocking area with fresh water and dump.
  • Large and small dumpsters as well as recycling area.
  • Emergency call list for rides to medical appointments.
  • Location between two small cities with Walmarts, Lowes, Harbor Freight, propane, etc. available.
  • Veterans Admin satellite medical office nearby.
  • State park with a lake nearby and other recreation sites.
  • In the country away from traffic.
  • Can wash your vehicles on site when no state water restrictions and can work on vehicles on site within reason.


For more pics click here.

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