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Time To Go South

The summer heat has finally broken and a chill is now in the air. Snowbirds everywhere are feeling the urge to go south for the winter and news is reporting that Yuma, AZ and other warmer winter destinations are getting ready for the grand annual migration starting next week. My own feet are starting to get itchy again and my friends from last winter are on my mind.  I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Before we can migrate, we had to fix our car and SUV. The car was in storage for a long time. The alternator was going out on it when we stored it. We also lost the fuel pump and battery while it was sitting. Getting it up on a Uhaul car trailer was loads of fun. We had to buy an electric winch and straps from Harbor Freight to pull it up onto the trailer to transport it back to our campsite to repair it. Repairs are now completed for it. My SUV also decided to act up this summer and leave us stuck a few times until more gas was added. The fuel pump was going bad in it too. It has now been replaced and seems to be fine.  Hint: rather than jacking up my SUV to drop the fuel tank, we backed it up onto two sets of RV levelers.

Time to ready the trailer for moving day. Poor thing is designed for warmer desert temps, not freezing snow. There is very little insulation in the walls and the sewage tanks are fully exposed. Not going to be easy to move with new scooters added and other “stuff” to transport. Have to bring in the awning and clean up all the stuff that is covering our desks. That’s what happens when you sit somewhere for several months.

It’s funny that it turned cold so fast because the air conditioner just died recently. We could smell the burning smell as soon as we opened the door when we got home. Thank goodness we are near a good RV parts store, State Trailer Supply,  that was able to order the new parts in for us. We were stuck in 4 days of intense heat until the parts arrived but we made the best of it. Ice cream helps! The weather changed just within a week or two of the repair. It figures.

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