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Final Farewell to Provo, UT

Ready to leave but I wanted to share some great final photos and moments. Below is Lakeside RV Park office. Their well-used pool is behind it and excellent laundry room is on the left side. The park is just a few hundred yards from Utah Lake State Park and wonderful paved bike/pedestrian trails next to the lake, river, and farms. A small airport is across the street and we have been having a lot of fun rising our little scooters on the trails and out behind the airport next to the lake. There is a paved road out to the control tower. Sunsets have been gorgeous!

Lakeside RV ParkRiver Bike TrailFarm and control towerProvo view

We enjoyed watching huge fish leaping out of the lake to eat the bugs as well as beavers making their dens in the lake shallows and farm irrigation ditches.

Beaver den and trap

The area was flooded when we got there but that made it all the more interesting and eventually cleared. As the water went down, lots of small treasures could be found along the shore, remnants of items lost by boaters. The most common item was sandals. Apparently, boating and sandals do not go well together. Someone decided to start retrieving the sandals, one here and one there, and started a collection along the side of the bike trail. The idea caught on and eventually, we had a nice collection of one of a kinds. I contributed to it as well. No sense to it, just fun and seemed like the thing to do with them.

Sandal collection

I got in some geocaching in the area as well. There are bunches around there. I found a nice fat ammo can at the state park with lots of antiseptic wipes in it free from the state. My new scooter made it possible for me to do the bike trail caches. I definitely need a mount for my GPS on it now.

For more pics click here.

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