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Sea Day Two

The weather was great. Breakfast in the dining room was great. Alas, it is time for a down day. We’ve had enough sun and just felt like resting that day. After a nice round of golf topside, we decided to veg out in our cabin with some TV and the nice soft beds. Our steward poked his head in a couple times so we told him not to bother with us until evening. We did go up topside for food at lunchtime and to try out the tacos. They certainly had a lot of fixings to put on them.  They were good. I spotted turkey on the menu in the buffet area so we hit that line up too. The turkey was fine but they have no clue what dressing is supposed to be made of. It was some sort of white glop with beans. Yuck! At least they do know how to make cheesecake. Mmmm!

Carnival Triumph Oceanview StateroomCarnival Triumph Oceanview

After lunch we rolled ourselves back down to the cabin for awhile. It’s nice to be able to just rest on a cruise and not be pushed into doing activities if you don’t feel like it. I tried to get a shower but the water was just barely warm. We weren’t entirely sure if that was normal or not with so many people on a ship but we didn’t feel like bothering to report it since we were headed back to Galveston and would be off the ship in the morning. I’m told that isn’t normal.

The show that night was passenger talent night and after seeing their performances at karaoke, we weren’t too excited to go to that. After packing our bags and leaving them outside our door to be picked up for tomorrows return home, we did check out the bingo game which was far less boring than you would imagine. The emcee was very lively and funny. Somebody won $1,000! I would definitely go to that next cruise.

We went to dinner in the dining room and finally got put on the upper tier of the main floor. There, we had a wonderful view of the singing and dancing waiters. They do their own little show for a few minutes at every dinner. We got to twirl our napkins with them and sing along. The second song they did was the Macarena and lots of guests joined in. It was very cool!

London Dining RoomCarnival singing waitersMacarena time!

After dinner, we just moseyed around listening to the live music here and there. We checked out the final sales in the ship stores too. When we got back to our room, we found our room all made up by the steward with beds turned down and our nightly chocolates waiting for us. I wish I could have brought our steward home. I miss that. A little more packing of our carry-on bags and it was time. Zzzzz.

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