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Cozumel, Mexico

Our excursion for the day was going to be more laid back so we had more time for a nice breakfast in the dining room. Yay! We really like the dining room breakfasts. Once our hunger was satisfied, we made our way back down to the mysterious deck 0 again and had our picture taken as we were getting off. This time, we shared our berth with another Carnival cruise ship, the Breeze. We could see it had some different recreation from ours such as a waterslide with a bowl to go round and round until you are flushed down through it and they have a rope climbing course. I for one will be going on that ship someday to check those out!

Carnival Triumph and BreezeCarnival Breeze waterslideCarnival Breeze ropes course

We wandered around the marketplace a bit, took a picture to set the tone of the day, and then made our way to the taxi stand where many folks were lined up to get to the local beaches by sharing a ride and splitting the $16 cost.

Two Cozumel fools

We caught a cab to Nachi Cocom beach resort for an all-inclusive excursion we had booked through a private company (not the cruise line). For $55, we got our own lounge chairs and umbrella, access to their pool and hot tub, access to their beach, and all the drinks (alcohol or otherwise) as well as food we wanted. This beach club limits the number of people allowed in to 100 so it is quieter and less raucous than others. The pool is a little cold but we still enjoyed it. We especially liked the wading area on the end. The large hot tub was fine and filled to capacity with happy people. The beach was white loose sand, not at all like our beaches. Whether you walked on the dry part or the wet, you sank right in since it doesn’t pack down like American beaches. That made making sand castles pretty hard to do. The water is warm and gorgeous though. I have never seen such colors! It was shades from a light green, to cerulean, to true navy blue. I tried out my snorkeling equipment I had brought with me and snapped some underwater pictures to test out the waterproof pouches we had bought on Amazon. The pouches didn’t leak and while a little odd to use when taking pictures, they did work as advertised. Next time we’ll have to try snorkeling a reef. Sorry, you don’t get to see any goofy pictures of me in my snorkeling gear and fins. Too bad! Do think I got a pretty good pinup picture of Bernie by the pool for her husband though. He he!

Lounging on the Nachi Cocum beachNachi Cocum pool and barThe wonderful Cozumel beach and water

After awhile, hunger set in so we sat ourselves at a table on the patio and ordered lunch from the menu. The service wasn’t particularly great but the food was good. We took our time enjoying every morsel. I forgot to try the non-alcohol pina colada I had heard they had but enjoyed the soda.

At 1pm, we went out on the dock to await a boat that would take us parasailing, an extra add-on we purchased for $90 for both of us. It was on my bucket list and I figured if I was going to do something foolish, it would be nice to do it with another fool. Hence, the tone setting picture above. LOL The boat was a little late but did show up before we chickened out. They hooked us up in tandem so we could share the moment and were kind enough to agree to take pictures of us and boy did they ever! Here it is folks! Despite those who doubted we would really do it, we went flying like kites on the wind! Yeehaw!

Bernie and Katrina fooling around in CozumelBernie and Katrina parasailingFlying high parasailing

We got back in time to do a little more swimming then joined a group in a cab ride back to the dock. We got a little bit of time to do some shopping. Gotta have those postcards ya know! Living in an RV as I do, I don’t have room for bunches of bric brac souvenirs and it seemed like the prices were higher in Cozumel than in Progresso. I know a flute that sold for $1 in Progresso cost $4 in Cozumel. T-shirts were higher too. Don’t ask me about the cost of booze there or bringing it back since I don’t drink.

Getting back on ship took longer. Everyone seemed to come back at the same time, the last few minutes before we were supposed to sail. Once we were onboard, we went to our room to change and then up to the sail away party on the Lido deck. The music was loud and good, the ice cream was flowing throughout, and everyone was having a good time. Our DJ teased the Breeze passengers who were hanging over their rails watching us.

There was another wonderful show later. This time it was a magic show. After the show we had dinner in the dining room again though it wasn’t as nice an experience as all the other times. The service was not as good. My water glass was empty too much. I ordered the chicken breast and mushroom fettuccine but while I got a large portion of the very delicious fettuccine, the chicken breast was nowhere to be found despite much searching and stabbing the plate. By the time the waiter came around to check, I was already angry and getting full. I didn’t appreciate him laughing at my loss.

Oh well, there was plenty more music to be had that evening. We took some quick naps then got up to catch the raunchy adults only show in the Del Rio Lounge. It was standing room only by the time we got there. I liked the dancing and singing very much but was very glad none of the scantily clad girls was my daughter. Once again I am very grateful to God for only giving me sons. Time to retire for the night after checking the news on that plane again and hoping for the best. Zzzzz.

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