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Reno and Virginia City, NV

Despite the accident that brought me to Reno and being a true wanderer who had never been to Reno before, I chose to make lemonade out of the situation rather than sit in my motel room crying about something I could not change. I did a little exploring in Reno though I don’t gamble. I snagged one of the cheap prime rib deals available in casinos. Wandered around in one smoke-filled casino as robotic people sat at machines pushing buttons over and over. I went under the Reno arch and saw all the chapels o’ love. I also checked out several RV dealers to see what was currently available in the RV market. OK place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

One weekend I went to Virginia City. I would like to have gone to see the Ponderosa of Bonanza fame up in Tahoe but apparently it is closed to tourists these days and has been for awhile. Virginia city was interesting with all it’s saloons like the Bucket o’ Blood, tourist shops, graveyard, firemen’s museum, pioneer museum, opera house, and beautiful church complete with bells. After walking around downtown, I had an excellent steak sandwich in a restaurant overlooking the area. It’s a typical old western town. I saw a Zoltar machine like in the movie “Big” and got my fortune told. Since I had not done any geocaching in Nevada before, I decided to go after one with my GPS to earn my state souvenir. The first one I went after was no longer there but the second was easily found outside the old power plant. A great clue always helps. Score!

Bucket O' Blood SaloonPiper Opera HouseZoltarLunch

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