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PVC Project Book

Are you a full-time RVer and a project person? Maybe you want to find something easy to make and maybe sell without carrying a bunch of woodworking tools and machines in your already loaded RV. Want to make something you have seen other RVers have made or paid good money for? Whether it’s a flag pole, laundry rack or hamper, potato cannon, marshmallow gun, furniture, camping gear, shelters, or whatever, you will likely find it in the PVC Project Book or other books at this link. Remember playing with Tinker Toys as a kid? The fun isn’t over just because we grew up! With PVC pipe and fittings we can make all kinds of useful or fun items easily with a minimum of tools and time. If your hubby is starting to act bored or grumpy, look in the book and suggest a project to get him busy and off that couch. If you get lucky, he’ll want to improve the design which will keep him out of the way and happy even longer. But, there’s no reason women can’t enjoy making things from PVC too. Get in on the fun and you may just find a new source of additional income too.

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