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Popular RVers Joe and Vicki Kieva Retire… Again

Well known as avid RVers and promoters of the full-time RVer lifestyle, Joe and Vicki Kieva have decided to retire from the lecture circuit and column writing that has helped so many others learn to enjoy the RV lifestyle to its fullest. Having retired previously from the normal rat race over 23 years ago, they took up the RV lifestyle with gusto and found a way to travel around the country in an RV while getting paid to talk about traveling around the country in an RV. What a dream job! Unfortunately, the economy has hit their sectors as hard as everywhere else. Their seminars will be sorely missed at rallies but I am sure they will still keep up some form of writing if only in their own blog as they now travel solely for pleasure and to see what is over the next hill. Keep up with them in their blog at http://www.rvknowhow.blogspot.com/

Hasta la vista Joe and Vicki but not goodbye!

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