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Myrtle Beach, SC

Waited a long time for this one. I’ve always heard it was quite a great seaside community and playground. It IS! If you ever get the chance to vacation here, take it. You will not be disappointed. There is plenty to do and see for both adults and the wee ones with watersports such as parasailing and wave runner rentals, boat tours, the beach, bunches of dinner shows and other shows, Broadway on the Beach, plenty of camping, miniature golf places on every block, beachwear and souvenir stores, great places to dine, 2 state parks, etc.

Camping here can be pretty expensive especially with an accomodation tax on all camp sites and hotel rooms which is very high. I stayed at the Myrtle Beach State Park which was the cheapest at $28/night total. It is a forest on the beach. Great combination! I went without reservations but I highly recommend not doing as I do, call first or book online. At least one of the restrooms was still the old state park community shower type which I detest but others were more modern and they do have a laundromat. No wifi there but my Sprint aircard worked perfectly even among all the trees. There are some sites where a satellite TV dish will work. Don’t ask them. They don’t know which. I got it to work on the back row of sites. Watch your stuff in the park. Someone stole my yellow wheel chalks when I was moving from one site to another.

If you are only going for a weekend, then you might also consider the other area RV parks which have indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a lazy river at Pirateland, ponds, golf cart rentals, etc. I believe there is a golf cart rental service that will deliver to the state park as well. Another great choice, if you can get an open date, is the Coast to Coast park there for only $10/night if you are a member of C2C.

The weather was fairly lousy but that didn’t bother me in my trailer. I still managed to see everything I wanted to in between storms. It did drive out a lot of the tenters.

I started at Broadway on the Beach, a huge combination tourist’s shopping mall, amusement park, dining experience, feed the ducks type park. Many of the buildings are created with a nautical theme that is fun to look at and they have distinct mall areas such as the New England section and the Caribbean section. Forget about telling yourself you won’t buy anything, just look. Not possible. The sneaky dogs have great stuff and play island music like Kokomo all over to keep you in the stores. 😉 I fed the huge fish and ducks that actually follow you with open mouths. I missed the aquarium and Believe it or Not this time but will catch them when I go back. They also have motion simulators, a place that puts you into a video game with virtual reality, and Imax. They even have a playground to take a break with the kids.

For dining, I had my choice of Hard Rock Cafe (in a pyramid!), Planet Hollywood, Senor Frog, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. I couldn’t resist the fun in Margaritaville. They have stilt walkers making balloon animals and hats, Jimmy Buffet in concert on TVs everywhere, a recreation director to get everyone singing along, and a pirate ship terrace. I ate a Cheeseburger in Paradise and it truly was.

It\'s 5 o\'clock somewhere.

Next up, The Carolina Opry. I booked my ticket online easily for this. The show was great. Nice mixture of old country, rock and roll, gospel, and new country. I loved it when they did the old “Ghost Riders” and the new “Jesus Take the Wheel”.

The next night I went to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. I even dressed up nice for this one. Wash your hands before you go as you will be eating with your hands there, no silverware is provided. Once you taste the soup and roast chicken you won’t care about silverware. They had a buffalo stampede to start the show, trick riders, riding through fire, pig races, kids chasing chickens in the ring, and a competition between the North and South to finally settle this little matter of secession (the Civil War). Being a Yankee, I sat on the north’s side and rooted loudly but we lost doggone it.

My last night in Myrtle Beach, I started with dinner at TGI Friday’s. Have not been there in a couple years but the New York Steak and Shrimp were as good as ever. After, I was happily driving home with the rest of my steak, when some geocaches popped up on my GPS. I know. I am sooo weak. I had to follow them. I easily nailed 2 parking lot caches by Target’s and Boating World. When I got back to camp, another popped up in the state park. Geocaching on the beach at midnight is a wonderful experience! I grabbed a flashlight and hit the dunes. Found a luffly ammo box full of goodies under a bush. I did have to explain to a park ranger what I was doing when he stopped by my car to see if I was having trouble or lost something. Snicker.

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